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Happy New Year 2023 !

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

This beginning of the year has some great collaborations and artistic projects in store for us. Transmissions, initiations, concerts, performances, the company has already started the marathon which promises to be rich in emotions and artistic exchanges!

- "Jeunesses musicales Haut-de-France": Two projects led by Black Adopo and Charlotte Dubois in an institute of motor education (IEM) and an institute for young blind people (IJA).

- "Le grand Mix" and Le "Gymnase": "Dance/Beatbox" led by Black adopo and Thomas from the Vilnacota company at the Sequedin prison centre.


- "Voice/Emotion/Mao" project led by Charlotte Dubois and Black Adopo Restitution at the sully on March 15

- "Concert Dessiné" project led by Audrey Robitaille accompanied by Charlotte Dubois at Theremin Concert Dessiné Pro version: March 22 Student feedback: May 17

- Masterclass "Retro Gaming MAO" led by Black Adopo: February 4 Restitution on February 8

- Masterclass "Theremin" and masterclass "Exploration of the voice" led by Charlotte Dubois

- IUT Tourcoing: "Voice/declamation" project led by Charlotte Dubois

- ARA (Autour des rythmes actuels)

- "Architecture à la loop" project led by Charlotte Dubois and Black Adopo

-"Beatbox and body percussion" project led by Black Adopo and David

- "University discovery course" project led by Black Adopo

- Project "ETU'Chantes" stage accompaniment led by Charlotte Dubois

- Music school of ST Pol sur Ternoise

- Masterclass and Theremin Iniations led by Charlotte Dubois

Beatbox/theremin concert: Black Adopo and

Charlotte Dubois videos and music: "Solo theremin" project: Charlotte Dubois Live

Session, Clip, compositions and improvisations: Black Adopo and Charlotte Dubois

A huge thank you to all these structures who trust us, for some for a few years already! Building and carrying out projects hand in hand is a great opportunity, we can freely choose our transmission paths together and refine our pedagogy and our artistic desires! Thanks to Alice, Maud, Nathanaelle, Marion, Fanny, Ambre, jean-Baptiste, Manon, Bruno, Shruti, you are precious to us! And while waiting for music, here are the latest video projects that were produced by our artists at the end of 2022, beginning of 2023:

"Carol of the Bells" - Black Adopo and Charlotte Dubois - we dive back one last time to smell a last flavor of the end of the year celebrations before turning definitively to 2023

"Demain" Live session Theremin/Grandmother/Looper - Charlotte Dubois - To see what awaits us in the coming days, in this year full of projects. Thanks to Rick Reid for making this track travel across the Atlantic in the "Theremin 30" podcast.

Good listenning !

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