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Betty and the bear who thought he was a robot


Betty and Grizz are living old toys on Grand'ma and Grand'pa's little shelf. At nightfall, when everyone is asleep, they wake up and are challenged by what they have heard.

“They are a bit outdated,” said Grand'ma. But no, no, Grizz claims he is a next-gen robot and absolutely does not accept being just a teddy bear. Betty will do everything possible to help him accept himself for who he is, even though being a tiny rag doll is difficult for her too. Both will realize that they are unique because of their differences and that this is their greatest wealth.

Actors: Charlotte Dubois and Black Adopo
Show duration: 25 min
Technical needs: sound system (see technical sheet on contract)

Drawing: Audrey Robitaille
Writing, songs and direction: Charlotte Dubois
Compositions, beatbox and new technologies: Black Adopo

This musical show intended for children from 3 to 6 years old is above all a basis for approaching the notion of “self-acceptance”. Learning to accept yourself despite your differences is not always easy in early childhood.

Grizz and Betty are two sympathetic and endearing characters which favors the listening and curiosity of the child. All the songs tackle the theme of self-acceptance in an accessible and playful way.
Thanks to new technologies and the beatbox, Black Adopo (Grizz) composes live happy melodies and dancing rhythms using a glove that controls its own musical loops. The scenography is light therefore adaptable in all places and the staging is studied for a quick understanding of the little ones, allowing them to identify in a simple way with the characters and their encountered problem.

The goal being that they realize that their differences, whatever they are, are a strength. This show provides support for teachers to tackle the subject in class before or after the performance.
Complementary project in progress: a book illustrated by Audrey Robitaille and an audio CD of the show "Betty and the bear who took himself for a robot" are being created to accompany the project and thus provide support to parents and teachers to that they can study the subject in depth in class or at home.

We offer artistic interventions in addition to the show in connection with it or at the request of the teacher depending on the educational project of the class.

Proposals for workshops (6 hours or more) or initiations (3 hours segmentable per class) on the theme addressed in "Betty and the Bear":
* Drawing with Audrey Robitaille:
- "I learn to draw my toys step by step"
- "I learn drawing and other techniques from illustrated images of the show"
* Theater with Charlotte Dubois:
- "how to tell a story"
- " I have confidence in myself "
* Beatbox with Black Adopo:
- "When I play I make noise"
- " I am a robot "
* Exploration of the voice with Charlotte Dubois and Black Adopo:
- "I have fun exploring all the possibilities of my voice" (cartoon voice, beatbox, sound effects ...)

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