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Black Adopo

(Beatbox, new technologies)

Black Adopo - RC 505 MK2.jpg

Specktr artist page: here

Since 2000, Black Adopo has been practicing the art of the human beatbox. It is the fact of reproducing instruments, essentially rhythmic but also melodious with the mouth.

Throughout his career, he has mixed his practice with many artistic disciplines. Especially with dance (Square roots company, roots & routes, etc.), music (Jam in the Band, BKTM, Hexpress, Eriphile, etc.) or even theater (Scratch, Daltonians company, Free electron company etc. ).

He has also been leading workshops around his practice since 2003 in many settings (MJC, prisons, schools, College, High School, IME, CHRS, Hospitals, college, kindergarten, etc.) especially during many CLEA.

He was previously a computer scientist. He has an IRCOMS master's degree (telecommunications technology and computer networks) and worked for 2 years as a web developer (Chicorée Développement later became Unitiz).

He has therefore always been interested in new technologies. After seeing the work of beatboxers LOS and Ezra and their bionicologists project where the latter acted on their vocal music via cell phones, Black Adopo set out to develop their own new controllers.

Under Ezra's advice, he developed various projects with phones, tablets, a wiimote, the specktr glove, a leap motion or even the kinect. Since then he has been working with the organic orchestra company, to give beatbox workshops and new controllers. ( He is also working on the development of his own tablet / smartphone / specktr glove looper within the company Électron Libre.

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You can find Black Adopo in:

Black Adopo - Beatbox et nouvelles technologies
Charlotte Dubois
Black Adopo - Beatbox

Black Adopo

Black Adopo

Black Adopo
"Lamentations" - Black Adopo  - live human beatbox et loopy pro au grand mix (Tourcoing)

"Lamentations" - Black Adopo - live human beatbox et loopy pro au grand mix (Tourcoing)

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#looper #loopypro #beatbox #humanbeatbox #gamepad #dualshock4 #technology  #controller #music

#looper #loopypro #beatbox #humanbeatbox #gamepad #dualshock4 #technology #controller #music

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Solo Human Beatbox - Black Adopo

Solo Human Beatbox - Black Adopo

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Some videos of the championships:

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