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Amaury Quétel

(Writer, screenwriter)

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BluesCharlotte Dubois, Black Adopo, Amaury Quetel
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From images to words, digital artbook:

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Book of magical memories:

Born in 1982, Amaury QUÉTEL officially began his artistic career in Tokyo in 2006. He joined two Hip Hop collectives, 3000 Worlds and Shimokitazawa Ghetto Crew, with whom he was going to write, go on stage and create meetings between French and Japanese artists.

It was in France, from 2008, that it began to diversify. He then leads several projects for which he devotes himself to different styles of writing including the comic strip with the two volumes of Elizabeth Bathory, Le temps de l'veil and Le Temps du Glaive in collaboration with the designer Lawrence RASSON, the poetry with collaborative artbooks From Image to Words by graphic designer TomaBw and Artbook Raconté by illustrator Fleurine RÉTORÉ, and theater with Un Femmes for Compagnie De Guingois. This play also allows him to reconnect with his love for music. He composes the entire musical and sound universe.

In 2010, he was spotted by organizers of slam and musical evenings in Paris. He then took this opportunity to go regularly on stage in order to introduce his texts and his style to different audiences.

Since 2011, he is the official writer of the Marie-Oz project, created by the versatile artist Stéphane BERTRAND. For the needs of this dark and rock tale made up of a hundred paintings, future books, concerts and clay objects, Amaury QUÉTEL writes poems, raps, cooking recipes and other fantasies. He also composes part of the music for the promotional videos.

In 2015, he made one of his dreams come true by self-publishing Une flames dans les steppes. This book brings together 78 of his poems and hosts original illustrations by several painters and designers. Always attracted by the scene, he will wear part of the texts during some festivals and parties. It was also during one of them that he collaborated for the first time with the human beatbox Black Adopo and the actress Charlotte Dubois. This event will be a trigger in his desire to interpret his poems in slam and spoken word.

To this day, Amaury QUÉTEL continues to write and multiply personal and collaborative projects including the exhibition Carnet de souvenirs magiques with the plastic artist Aude ALBEROLA as well as various books he wishes to publish (story, collection of poetry).

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