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Compagnie l'électron libre

"La compagnie l'électron libre" is a collective made up of 4 artists, free explorers and passionate about their respective disciplines, who have connected to each other in order to intertwine their universes.

Take a hacker genius beatboxer and mad scientist of new technologies (Black Adopo), an actress teeming with ideas and words to study, dissect, chew and chew (Charlotte Dubois), a curious designer, wielding the pencil with precision giving birth to d 'strange creatures (Audrey Robitaille) and a skillful writer experimenting and juggling the verb between light and shadow (Amaury Quetel), and you will have the keys to our artistic research laboratory.

The company offers a large choice of shows for children and all audiences, concerts, exhibitions, books, performances, solo, duo or in full training, workshops and works on several creations.

Good gravitation on our site!

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