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Beatbox and vocals

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"Exploring the voice, creating a piece entirely by using it as a single instrument"


The actress Charlotte Dubois and the beatboxer Black Adopo have practices very related to the use of the voice.

In the theater, it is important to understand how the vocal organ works. A throaty voice does not convey the same things as an aerial voice. Anger does not manifest itself in the same way as sadness or joy. The intonation on the same words can change the whole meaning.
The Human beatbox consists of imitating different instruments, mainly rhythmic but also trumpets, basses, etc. only through the vocal organ.
Thanks to their two practices, Charlotte Dubois and Black Adopo meet the public and show them how it is possible to explore the voice in all directions. All these experiences end up leading to the development of a piece created entirely vocally.

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Intervening artists: Charlotte Dubois and Black Adopo

Duration: the duration is evaluated according to the group, the age and the chosen direction

Technical needs: Depending on demand and possibilities, a technical sheet is drawn up.

- Develop self-confidence, personal fulfillment, emancipation through collective musical practice

- Develop your imagination

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

- develop an artistic sense

- Being able to create music just with your voice

- Knowing how to control your voice according to your emotions

- Work on your diction

- Know some bases of computer music

- Promote the work of young people through the production of a song

Here is an example of how it works, but we readjust it according to the audience, the objectives, the number of sessions and their duration.

First part :
After a presentation of the project during the first session, participants will be introduced to writing techniques and the beatbox in order to create material related to the theme.

Second part :
This material thus created, we will come with recording equipment in order to make beatbox and text recordings. It will always be possible in parallel to continue to find material (writing and beatbox). We will then see what we can do in MAO on this sound material (loops, effects applications) Finally we will see how it would be possible to broadcast this material in an original way (cut it / assemble it / add effects to it). live). This using new controllers (wii controllers, tablet, leap motion, kinect, etc.)

Third part :
We will see how to create a restitution. Tracks (depending on the public and their participation). - Participants launch their tracks in an original way with controllers - Participants record live loops mixed with recorded loops - Participants apply effects to pre-recorded material on the beatbox or live text (or both) of other participants via controllers - we will see how to possibly graft the participation of the participants in the restitution There will be a start of work with Charlotte on the staging of this restitution

Restitution with upstream preparation

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