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Beatbox and new technologies


Black Adopo was a computer scientist before becoming a professional beatboxer. He has an IRCOMS master's degree (telecommunications technology and computer networks) and worked for 2 years as a web developer (Chicorée Développement later became Unitiz). He has therefore always been interested in new technologies. After seeing the work of beatboxers LOS and Ezra and their bionicologists project where the latter acted on their vocal music via cell phones, Black Adopo set out to develop their own new controllers. Under Ezra's advice, he developed various projects with phones, tablets, the specktr glove, a leap motion or even the kinect. Since then he has been working with the organic orchestra company and the free electron company to give beatbox interventions and new controllers. ( He is also working on the development of his own tablet / smartphone / specktr glove looper.

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Video example:

Leap motion

Tab lettes and smartphones


Intervening artists: Black Adopo

Duration: the duration is evaluated according to the group, the age and the chosen direction

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Example of formula:

- Several small sessions of one hour with each group for a simple presentation of the beatbox and technological tools (this formula is usually accompanied by a concert of Black Adopo behind)

- a 2 to 3 hour session to explore the world of beatbox and new technology with a concert by Black Adopo

- A week of initiation (at least 3 sessions) in order to make a live performance mixing beatbox and new technologies

- A week of initiation (at least 4 sessions) with the aim of creating an ephemeral installation

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Technical needs: Except for ephemeral installations, the company can rent all the equipment necessary for the realization of this service. In all cases, a technical sheet will be communicated according to the established formula. An ephemeral installation may require certain additional purchases.

- Develop self-confidence, personal fulfillment, emancipation through collective musical practice

- Develop your imagination

- Being able to create music just with your voice

- Know some bases of computer music

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- Understand the principle of effects in contemporary music

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- Understand how we can detour digital objects for artistic purposes

- Promote the work of young people through the realization of a live performance or a digital installation (depending on the formula)

The intervention: Combining the practice of the human beatbox and the diversion of everyday technological objects, Black Adopo offers you during this intervention to explore the different artistic possibilities offered by the human beatbox. Indeed, beyond traditional midi instruments or controllers, many objects such as mobile phones, tablets, video game controllers can nowadays make it possible to control sound material. Participants will thus be able to discover and experience this type of diversion and practice the “augmented beatbox”.

The service: Black Adopo will then give you an augmented beatbox service. He will use certain means presented previously (tablet, smartphone and specktr glove) to loop and put different effects on his human beatbox to take you into a very particular universe. Welcome to the world of "geekboxing".

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Installation: For large projects, it is possible to consider a digital sound and digital installation. This formula is tailor-made and varies each time. For more information do not hesitate to contact us.

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