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Graziella Fanfan


Fairy Miscellaneous

“Fée Divers” is a live show where forgotten poems and fairyland intermingle. Graziella Fanfan takes us on her run and tells us about her incredible adventure against a background of texts, poems and short stories by Pierre Dac, Bernard Dimey, Jacques Prévert, Vicor Hugo, Francis Blanche and many others, all bound by the delicious pen by Pierre Dubois. In turn, become an accomplice of this little fairy on the run.
In these hours when the word is impoverished, here is the perfect opportunity to discover or re-listen in a light and tasty way to the skillfully written poems of the past century. Graziella Fanfan is ecstatic, indignant, shouts, sings, has fun, slams, waves and spins the words until… Well, to find out, all you have to do is contact her…

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

Fairy child

“Graziella Fanfan Fée l'Enfant” is a show that revives the ancestral tradition of storytelling and transmission. As Pierre Dubois underlines elficology is nothing other than the ecology of the soul. Through stories we transmit the love of nature and the importance of preserving it. This is what this little convict fairy explains to us during the show. Thanks to her fables and fabulettes, stories and tales as well as a tale of witches, ogres, dragon and all fairy creatures, she reminds children of all ages (and more ...) how respect for all forms of life is. important…

Various fairy

Duration: 75 min
From the age of 8
Places: Festival, Theater cafes, literary cafes, performance halls ...
Alone on stage

Fairy child

Duration: 50 min
from 6 years old
Groups: from 50 to 70 people
Places: schools, libraries, social-cultural centers, performance halls ...
Alone on stage

Storyteller, comic book writer, anthologist and writer, Pierre Dubois really gave the taste of fairyland to the French public with the publication of his great encyclopedias of goblins, fairies and elves in the 90s. He also worked for television .

Among his many works, we retain among others: The great encyclopedias of the Elves, Elves, Fairies, The lessons of elficology, the grimoire of the little people, Laïyna, the torte, Pixies, Petrus Barbygère, the tales of crimes, Murderous nursery rhymes, the legend of changeling ...
Pierre Dubois mixes his erudition about the common people with his lively and imaginative mind.

It gives to read not a strict and rigid repertoire but a real invitation to enchantment.

It was during her school studies that Charlotte Dubois discovered a passion for the theater.

She was initiated in high school by teachers such as Jean-Paul Denison, Benoit Richter, Noël Casale and Christophe Piret. She then joined the burlesque course taught by Boris Dymny.

She decides to embark on the "Graziella Fanfan" project, the fairy on the run, supported in the first place by her father, Pierre.

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