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Clip "Boucle la" - Theremin/Beatbox/Looper project - available on YouTube!

Beatbox/Composition/Video/ Mixing: Black Adopo Composition/Theremin/MoogGrandmother/Piano/Looper/ Mixing: Charlotte Dubois

Because living together is just as complex as supporting oneself, because we constantly censor ourselves just as much as we speak to say nothing, because keeping too heavy words within ourselves is as violent as to receive them. Because we are not always able to listen or confide. Because sometimes we would have preferred not to hear and others where we blame ourselves for not having listened. Because we built our musical bridge by bringing together two rarely intertwined practices thanks to the Looper. Because charlotte often loops in A and sometimes we dream of being able to shout: “Loop la”. We are delighted to share with you our first joint composition! Thank you for subscribing to our channel to discover our atypical duo, follow our adventures within our company “the free electron” but also to support us, it means a lot to us!

To follow our artists: Charlotte Dubois Theremin: / charlottedubois Black Adopo: / blackadopo

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